Crazy Climber Stencil Set

Created By Game Stencils

  • Stencils are made from of a commercial grade low tack removable durable vinyl
  • Plotter cut  and come Pre-masked ready to apply. 
  • The set includes both sides, coin kickplate and the logo on the speaker panel.
  • One time use only
  • Shipping calculated during check out
Why vinyl decal when you can Stencil?
Beacuse that is how they were orginally done.

Price: $99.00


This Stencil is brought to you Courtesy of prOk

We couldn't have done this without the cooperation, and generosity of GameStencils in providing the most accurate stencils to help everyone restore these games.

This stencil is found on many classic Taito cabinets such as Crazy Climber, Polaris, Colony 7, Moon Shuttle, Lock and Chase and more.

Please Note: Paint NOT included.
The cabinet must be painted the base color prior to use. Then Stencils are applied & painted 1 color at a time.


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