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Star Wars Yoke Overlay

  • Part#:040532-07 Rev. A
  • Silk Screen Printed from Orginal Atari Films
  • OEM textured polycarbonate
  • Fully die-cut, Color Matched to original Pantone Specifications
  • 3M adhesive backed
  • Shipping within the USA $1



Price: $34.00


Our Production Promise

This Old Game strives to faithfully reproduce each and every reproduction.  Including the materials, textures & colors. Using all of the best materials available today. For example: 3M adhesive & 3M Vinyl. Fully Guaranteed if applied & stored correctly to last. All Items are printed on an order to order basis unless otherwise noted in in the description.


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Warranty / Returns

This Old Game stands behind all of our products & reproductions. Warranty is void due to operator error. To avoid a void prep-work is key. Make sure you are applying to clean surfaces. That have been correctly prepped for any of our items. If you choose to return the item unused & undamaged you have 30 days.


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Stunning quality.
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Neil Doherty (Derbyshire, England) - June 4th 2013
Just like the CPO overlay, the quality of the Yoke overlay is simply stunning. Once again we're treated to vibrant colours, real clarity in the print and the right sort of texture too. As soon as my yoke is powdercoated i'll be applying this, and it'll look incredible. Many thanks to Rich for doing such an amazing job in reproducing all of the Star Wars items, and to Kendra too for all the kind words and feedback.
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