Terms of Sales
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This Old Game Sales agreement

1. If you do not see your shipping address on the e-mailed Invoice/ order, Neither do we. So Please send your shipping address as soon as possible to Sales@ThisOldGame.com

2. If the Box is damaged and you hear anything broken. Please refuse the package.

If it arrives when you are not home Do Not Open it! Take the damaged package to FedEx or USPS

Do Not Open it so a claim can be filed, and a replacement may be made.


Our Production Promise

This Old Game strives to faithfully reproduce each and every reproduction.  Including the materials, textures & colors. Using all of the best materials available today. For example: 3M adhesive & 3M Vinyl. Fully Guaranteed if applied & stored correctly to last. All Items are printed on an order to order basis unless otherwise noted in in the description.


Warranty / Returns

This Old Game stands behind all of our products & reproductions. Warranty is void due to operator error. To avoid a void prep-work is key. Make sure you are applying to clean surfaces. That have been correctly prepped for any of our items. If you choose to return the item unused & undamaged you have 30 days.

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