CNCs are for Fancy Peoples

“Well I’m no Bob Villia…
But for my latest and greatest project
I’m starting from scratch and cuttin it old skool.”

 Getting Started 


 To get this projected started would require years of planning, involving a handful of just the right “top men” who would contribute to this project and a paper template I took from an original cab to start laying the ground work.  But the real questions are what’s the cabinet and what’s the project?  Now a select few already know so you guys don’t count ; )


Once I had one nice clean cut side, sanded edge straight and smooth then routed the other side with a flush trim bit for a perfect duplicate matching set







Once I had a couple of nice clean cut sides, 

the middle pieces like the bottom, front kickplate/coin, Top Back, etc were all easy straight cuts.






With one exception the top piece that holds the bezel and joins the back together needed a 1/4″ notch route and an angled cut in the back.










Glued in some side blocking for placement and let the assembly begin!!

Did I mention I love Gorilla Glue??





Routing for the T-Molding

 (bit available from good ol



But if you really want to go CNC to build your cabinets don’t let me stop you DPwitz over on KLOV is calling it quits and last word heard was his CNC is up for sale.
This particular project will be unveiled at this years California Extreme July 17th 2010 see you there.
 The Build blog continues over on the BYOC
and this project is currently being prepped for display at the 2011 NW Pinball and GameRoom Show





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