Mission Control

As a funny thing happened to me on the way to the forum…

For those that dont get out on the forums much heres a little special project I did for a fellow collector whos top notch restorations go far and beyond the norm. You can check out that full resoration over at CoinOpSpace. So how could I resist a chance to not only help the cause “saving the planet one game at a time”  But give this restoration something no other had…

This project had also started with the now infamous Ram Controls and claims of “high altitudes and cabin pressures” made the inks fall off the panels. 
So  I just couldn’t resist the chance to put on my Myth Busters cap and put my mad skills to the test.
I only had this panel for about 2 weeks.
the first week it sat in its box while I tried to get an original panel to color match to.
A BIG thanks goes out to CJ/OregonArcade for lending me both his CP and Bezel pieces.

So with the original panel in hand I got started.  Vectorizing the art, color mataching, and prepping the screens the rest was all in the wrist.

Missile Comand  is 5 colors and spent about 30 min each morning screening each color.
so by Friday she was all finished and the proof is in da pudding

But the real test was about to begin and find out if the stories of cabin pressures, high altitudes, Earths gravitational pull,  and God knows what else has/had any effect on the silk screened inks at Mach3 transits.
So boxing it up I shed a tear and wrapped this baby up nice and tight and sent her on its way.


So what does this all mean??  Originally the plan was to offer this as a regular service at ThisOldGame.com  By sending in your freshly painted or powdercoated original control panel and I would rescreen the art back onto the panel as it was originally done by Atari BITD.

However…There was still enough intertest dispite the recent “Scam Controls” fiasco. So I teamed up with another collector Troy Akey/ aka Takeman who took on having all BRAND NEW metal control panels fabricated and screened out of Chicago. I supplied my artwork and screened color samples to help with the effort.

These were done in a limited qty as a pre-order and are just about finished. For those that might have missed the boat on this and are interrested in getting a panel please contact us at sales@ThisOldGame.com

Im currently revisiting the Asteroids control panels which were done in the same fashion.

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