vinyl 101 Part 1

Let The Conversion Commence!DISCLAIMER:
This was a Gravitar and the sideart was shot but had been Jammatized and Trammatized long before it fell to my hand. So save the surmon for Sunday preachers as the cost of restoring this game far exceeds the price tag of finding another
and the circle of life continues….



First let me say vinyl is NOT a shortcut to paint, prep and practice are key and results may vary.
Things to have on hand before you start:
-Nice clean preped cabinet.
-Vinyl from : )
-Squeegee and slip cover/or a roller*
-NEW Xacto knife and blades
-Bottle of warm soapy water (even when applying dry)
-Heat Gun
-Tack Cloth
-Alcohol (the isopropyl type not the Jack Daniels kind)

 * more on the roller later. this first tutorial was done with a squeegee but later found a roller that does wonders and will post a follow up in Part3.

If you unsure of how the vinyl will look or cover your cab repairs, cut and test it. Different vinyl colors will be more opaque than others and you will have to at least prime and paint the cab anyway before applying the vinyl.
The vinyl will simply give you a more uniform sheen and in some cases especially with Atari cabinets that’s how it was originally done.

This cab was stripped of its original vinyl sanded, primed, and fine sanded smooth again.

Youll want to work in a warm clean space your garage or shop aint gonna cut it here, warm because vinyl is brittle when cold and you dont want it crackin or tearin when you laying and forming.

Lay the cabinet on its side and let gravity do most of the work. Wipe clean with alcohol especially if its a painted surface or you used other cleaners/chemicals on it to removed reisdues. Tack cloth that down real good.
and we’re ready to start.
Measure out a piece and center it up you want several inches over hang all around.

We’ll be applying this DRY and 100% bubble free Lets Roll!
To start peel back a few inches of backing from the vinyl and stick down along bottom edge of cab.

Now we’re doing this dry but here’s a little trick bottle of warm soapy water to spray the TOP/Surface
of the vinyl this will reduce scratching and help the squeegee “glide” without sticking which cause bubbles in the first place.

So basically we’ll be squeegeeing the vinyl up the cab about a 1/2″ at a time. The roll back of the backing will help keep the vinyl up off the cabinet while your working and almost peel itself back as you go.

Now thats done you could take the easy way out and trim to the cab and call it a day.
But Wheres the Fun in that??

The Vinyl Adventures Continues…

stay tooned for vinyling Part 2 The edge.

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